If you're a real estate agent or broker, or even dreaming of becoming one, you've stumbled upon your very own goldmine.

Ready for a game-changer? With our simple six-step methodology, we will help you transform, expand, and skyrocket your business! 🙂

Whether it's building an engaged email list, shaping a standout social media strategy, automating effective nurturing campaigns, setting up workflows through artificial intelligence or mastering ad campaigns - we've got you covered.

Together, we'll create an infinite sales funnel effect for your business, so you don’t need to worry about where your leads will come from anymore.

To get started on your real estate journey, make sure to download the FREE Real Estate Checklist. This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the necessary steps to kickstart your business and achieve your goals. So, what are you waiting for?

Let's get started!

Lincks Method™
Mentorship Program

What if you could be relaxed now, knowing that you are
generating new leads automatically and, the best part,
nurturing them with an automated workflow to qualify and
identify with the power of A.I. who is cold, warm, or hot, while
you are at the pool with your kids… or
watching a movie with your loved ones!

Grow your business

As a real estate agent, you need to have a marketing system in place to nurture your connexions and generate business on a long-term basis.

Easy step-by-step

Database, Tech Stack, Branding, Social Media, Marketing automation system, Ads, CRM and consistent prospecting and nurturing activities.

Where to Start?

Establish a mindset for success. Set your new routine based on good habits. Block your calendar and schedule your Money Generating Tasks (MGT).

Lincks Method™

Only six key steps for a real estate agent to become an influencer, attract more clients, and create an infinite sales funnel effect.

Trusted By

“I’ve been working with Bianca for several years. She’s not only very knowledgeable about the Real Estate market, she is also passionate about it, and that is clearly reflected in her services. Bianca doesn’t only work with lead capture, she is fundamental in the maintenance of those same leads. Anyone who works with sales knows how important it is to keep our lead “hot’ and loyal. Bianca is a specialist on that.”

Suelen Kirchner

Suelen Kirchner

Real Estate Agent, Orlando FL

“We highly recommend Bianca Lincks, because her job performance was outstanding. She brought to Farma&Farma her qualities of talent, dedication and hard work. She had created our rebranding strategy and, also, all the campaigns, sales and promotional materials, digital marketing strategies, event planning and marketing support to our franchisees. Besides, she was our speaker at the Conference of Pharmacists in Sao Paulo, in 2010. It had been great learning to work with Bianca for more than ten years. Professionalism and competence always.”

Rinaldo Ferreira

Rinaldo Ferreira

CEO Farma&Farma, Brazil

“We have been working with Bianca for more than ten years. She takes on every project with outstanding professionalism and commitment. Her multitasking skills and great real estate market intelligence ensure an excellent return on our sales and branding.”

Gabrielle Laffitte

Gabrielle Laffitte

G.Laffitte, Brazil


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A bit about me

I've been where you are now, and I understand your dreams and fears.

I'm Bianca Lincks, your mentor, and guide in transforming your real estate journey and skyrocketing your results…fast.

My 'Lincks Method' is not just a strategy; it's a promise to help you realize your potential, a proven roadmap with only 6 key steps that has already empowered many real estate agents to build automated and successful real estate businesses.

As your mentor, I'll be by your side every step of the way. As your guide, I'll share my wealth of knowledge, tools, technology, systems, checklists, scripts, and tutorials, gathered from my own successes, like being responsible for my client’s + $5B in international sales and, after only two months of holding my real estate license (the result of 487h course in French, my third language), I got my first listing of a $7.2M property in Montreal, just to prove how effective my methodology is. Now, I’m not an agent anymore to focus exclusively on helping my clients succeed.

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Orlando FL – USA
Montreal QC – CA