What makes you different than others?

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I know you are super busy! But for you to create a long-term business and scale to reach your freedom, you need to check all your systems in place, dominate your schedule and delegate what consumes your precious time. That's why I created this checklist, so you can review what makes you different than others and if you will reach your goals soon.

Real Estate Marketing
consulting benefits

Our team helps you build your branding,
become an Influencer, automate your systems,
and generate leads so that you can focus on
your specialty - SALES.

Identify your values and goals

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Move past your blind spots

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Establish work and life balance

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Learning how to Manage stress

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Trusted By

“I’ve been working with Bianca for several years. She’s not only very knowledgeable about the Real Estate market, she is also passionate about it, and that is clearly reflected in her services. Bianca doesn’t only work with lead capture, she is fundamental in the maintenance of those same leads. Anyone who works with sales knows how important it is to keep our lead “hot’ and loyal. Bianca is a specialist on that.”

Suelen Kirchner

Suelen Kirchner

Real Estate Agent, Orlando FL

“We highly recommend Bianca Lincks, because her job performance was outstanding. She brought to Farma&Farma her qualities of talent, dedication and hard work. She had created our rebranding strategy and, also, all the campaigns, sales and promotional materials, digital marketing strategies, event planning and marketing support to our franchisees. Besides, she was our speaker at the Conference of Pharmacists in Sao Paulo, in 2010. It had been great learning to work with Bianca for more than ten years. Professionalism and competence always.”

Rinaldo Ferreira

Rinaldo Ferreira

CEO Farma&Farma, Brazil

“We have been working with Bianca for more than ten years. She takes on every project with outstanding professionalism and commitment. Her multitasking skills and great real estate market intelligence ensure an excellent return on our sales and branding.”

Gabrielle Laffitte

Gabrielle Laffitte

G.Laffitte, Brazil

A bit about me

+15 years of experience in marketing and international sales
Hey, I'm a real estate marketing expert, agent, entrepreneur, journalist, and volunteer.
For over 15 years, I've led a professional team whose mission is to grow and scale our client's business through an unique methodology with 6 key steps.

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