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Make you succeed

is my goal!
Hi, I’m Bianca Lincks, a driven marketing leader with almost 20 years of experience in brand management, demand & lead generation process, digital strategies, design & communications systems, working in Brazil, Canada, and the USA. Also a marketing training instructor, author, and international keynote speaker, mainly in the real estate industry, with outstanding proven results.

In 2005, I started my marketing agency, Global Lincks, in Brazil and since then, I’ve generated more than $5B+ in sales for my clients. Today, the agency has clients in South and North America, including real estate agents, brokerage owners, developers, and building companies. In addition, I hold a real estate license in Montreal, CA, and became a real estate mentor through my company in Orlando, USA.

And besides that, I’m a wife and mom of three beautiful girls 🙂

I’m here for you, and I want you to succeed!

And you are determined to make your life be what you want it to be!

Lincks Method©

How It Can Benefit You?
I’ve created the Lincks Method after investing thousands of dollars and hours into learning everything there is to know about how to grow a real estate business in today’s market for agents and brokers, even without experience. I also did the real estate course in Quebec/Canada and was approved on the OACIQ exam; I got my license, and after only two months, I got my first listing, a $7.2M property in the south of Montreal. Of course, I applied all my strategies for myself, but my inner voice says I have an obligation to share my knowledge with everyone willing to change his life for the better.

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