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Real Estate Marketing: 6 Key Steps to Create an Infinite Sales Funnel Effect” by Bianca Lincks is a reliable guide on modern strategies to amplify your real estate sales and business growth. Bianca, an international real estate marketing and sales expert, shares her secrets, from generating leads and developing your personal brand to creating an automated lead-generation machine. This book will empower you to scale your business, achieve financial freedom, and position yourself as a top-of-mind agent in your community. Bianca lays out her innovative methodology, backed by her track record of client success of + $5B in real estate sales volume and her own experience landing a $7.2M property listing just two months after becoming licensed. This book is designed for agents at all stages, particularly those seeking to stay aware of emerging trends like new social media algorithms, SEO strategies, artificial intelligence tools, and more. With Bianca’s step-by-step guidance, based on the Lincks Method©, you will learn how to elevate your business, reduce dependence on high-cost platforms, and secure your future in the competitive real estate landscape.

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I decided to write this book to reveal every secret I’ve discovered along the way about how to increase sales and grow a highly profitable real estate business as an agent/broker.

You’ll quickly realize there’s a better way to generate leads, position yourself in the market as Top of Mind, prospect, and close more clients. So you can finally achieve your long-term goal of having freedom while your business is automated and scaling, so you can avoid fear and insecurity about your future and live the lifestyle you’ve always wanted to.

That’s it!

Through these pages, you’ll discover everything I’ve learned about creating your personal brand correctly and creating an automated lead generation machine that runs effortlessly with little hassle so you don’t depend on big platforms with high costs.

The first step is to understand this.

Set aside your concepts, ideas, and wonders about running your real estate business. Approach this with an open mind.

When I tell you, you can become the Top Mind agent/broker in your communitycreate an automated lead generation machine to run even while you are on vacation, and reach your income predictions with certainty… you have to believe me.


Well, because I’ve been doing it for almost 20 years and my clients have fantastic results with the strategies that I teach them, most importantly, because I help step by step of the way.

And more than that…

I’ve invested thousands of dollars and hours into learning everything there is to know about how to grow a real estate business in today’s market for agents and brokers, even without experience. I also did the real estate course in Quebec/Canada and was approved on the OACIQ exam; I got my license, and after only two months, I got my first listing, a $7.2M property in the south of Montreal. I applied all my strategies for myself, but my inner voice says I have an obligation to share my knowledge with everyone who is willing to change his life for the better.

So… if you’re reading this, and you currently are a new agent or an experienced one trying to be updated with all new things that are coming up, such as new algorithms and rules for social media, new ways to do SEO, and rank better on Google, TikTok, Reels, chatbots, artificial intelligence tools, daily content production, paying high fees for leads, trying to learn automation, etc… This book is for you!

It takes some effort, but I will show you the steps you can follow and the lessons you must learn to reach your goals.

I want to show you exactly what we’re doing to get these results. These are my strategies and if you take them and implement them, they will really drive your business to the next level.

I’m here for you, I want you to succeed, so let’s dive into it.

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